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A technology-driven interactive media and marketing company

  • Select key advertiser partnerships
  • Millions of impressions per month
  • Multiple internal traffic channels
  • Full service design and technology support
  • Hundreds of active publishers per month and growing
  • Multiple cost structures (CPA, CPL, CPC, CPM)
  • Industry experts that understand your business

Marketing Services

Our expansive consultative sales team that builds solid, long-term partnerships with both Advertisers and Publishers. Their complex process and technology matches relevant traffic to relevant products or services yielding unparalleled results.

Secondary Revenue

Wholly owned subsidiary specializing in Lead Funnel Monetization, Email List Management, Call Center Data Management, Exit Monetization, and SMS Mobile.

Agency Services

Internal full service resources in technology, design, content, compliance, and sales. A staff of industry experts that understand your vertical. RateSpecial has evolved into one of the most innovative online advertising agencies in the industry.